Zeppelin Watches

Fox & Co Jewellers are an authorised retailer for Zeppelin Watches. Zeppelin are a watch brand that crafts timepieces with timeless elegance, exclusivity as well as technical refinement. Their collection are bold and handsome in design and perfect for dressy occasions or casual ones. Wilhelm Birk was the founder of this exclusive watches in 1987 which was when he opened the door to his following success. This vast collection of watches are made and designed in Germany, more specifically, a German factory in Bavaria. The good thing about these watches is that they have a timeless look which can be added to your watch collection and last you a life time in terms of look. As these watches come in a range of colour and price it means you can pick a timepiece which is well suited to your lifestyle.

Zeppelin Watches
junkers watches

Junkers Watches

Fox & Co Jewellers are an authorised retailer for Junkers Watches. Junkers watches are a collection of proud German watches which take inspiration from the aviation industry. These watches are characterised by quality, sustainability and quality engineering, along with a traditionally German attention to detail. Junkers watches also harness the elements of Swiss precision, combining the best traditions of two proud watchmaking nations. Junkers watches are created by POINTtec, a family business which creates around 150,000 watches every year which are distributed around the globe. The history of Junkers watches dates back to the great aircraft designer Hugo Junkers, who is often credited as pioneering the design of all- metal airplanes and flying wings. Over 25 years ago Will Birk from POINTtec decided to approach Hugo’s grandson Bernd Junkers hoping to develop watches using the Junkers brand. POINTtec were founded near Munich in 1987 and they have been producing watches proudly “Made in Germany” ever since. This company is independent and has remained fiercely independent ever since. POINTtec has grown to be one of the largest watch manufacturers active in Germany today with an annual production of 150,000 watches.

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