Fox & Co Jewellers of Stowmarket.

At Fox & Co we offer our customers an extensive range of repair and restoration services. We can restring pearls, resize rings, reset a stone, repair a bracelet, even just clean your jewellery, we can repair most broken jewellery.

We have two trained Horologists who can service or repair most watch brands from a simple Sekonda to a Rolex. If you simply want a new watch battery or strap fitted, we can do this while you wait, so you can browse our retail sales area or even grab a cup of coffee. Whatever your repair or restoration needs please visit us at our Stowmarket, Suffolk shop or contact us. 

Our skilled craftsman are able to repair most of your gold, platinum and silver jewellery, from family heirlooms that hold special memories, to your everyday pieces

Ring Resizing

Fox & Co Jewellers can resize most types of rings, from plain wedding bands to stone set rings. We cater for most metal types and can resize gold, silver, platinum and more. Rings can be resized up or down multiple sizes including white gold. Our jewellery workshop employs professional goldsmiths and our knowledge and use of high quality tools ensures expert ring resizing every time. 

Necklace & Bracelet Repairs

Our trained workshop staff can repair broken, bent or snapped bracelets, necklaces and other jewellery items. We work with most metal types and can fix bracelets of almost any design. Our bracelet repair services include replacement clasps, soldering, re-fitting charms, rhodium plating, polishing and much more.

White Gold Restoration & Rhodium Plating

The majority of white gold jewellery over time will start to look a little yellow colour, to restore its bright white shine it will require rhodium plating to get it back to its original condition. If your jewellery is not reconditioned in this way the metal will turn “yellowish” due to the rigours of general use over time. Rhodium is a rare metal which is related to the platinum family and is much rarer and more expensive than gold and has a white, mirror like finish. Rhodium is durable, has a sparkling appearance and is anti allergic. Due to the rareness, expense and brittleness of rhodium it isn’t feasible to make jewellery out of it. It’s common to instead plate white gold jewellery which rhodium which makes it look incredibly shiny.

Pearl restringing

Pearl necklaces, particularly if worn regularly will wear through the silk or string they are threaded on. All Pearl and other beaded necklaces will need to be re-strung on occasion no matter how well you care for them. Normally pearls worn regularly should be re-strung once a year, worn occasionally should be restrung every 2 to 3 years.

White gold or Rhodium plating restoration.
we can clean, polish and restore the lustre and shine. 

Necklace, Bracelet & Bangle repairs.

Gold & Silver Plating. 

Repair & Restoration to gold, platinum & Silver jewellery. 

Stone replacement, resetting, retipping & Claw replacement.

Vintage watch & Clock Restorations.

Ring Resizing Jewellery extending & Shortening. 

Pearl restringing.

Watch servicing & glass replacement. 

Probate & Insurance valuations. 

Cleaning & Polishing.

Bespoke Jewellery.

Basic onsite engraving service. 

Earring Repairs

What Our Fantastic Customers Say

"I would like to thank Fox & Co Jewellers for all the help I was given, they repaired my wedding ring, which I haven't been able to wear for 7 years since it was cut off at the hospital.” 
“Wow, such great service.... Thanks for repairing my necklace, quick and great value.”
“Another happy customer, thanks for fixing my engagement ring, it now looks new again”

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